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Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Sweeping in the USA

Sometimes we get so caught up with our current routine in sweeping that we forget the easiest sweepstakes are the ones that are local to us as there is such a low rate of entry. A great way to win a load of fun for your family and you. 

Here are a few tips to keep you in the know on the local sweepstakes...

Make a list of all the local radio and newspapers within driving range - Some may require you to pick up your prize. 

Listen to the radio stations online or while you are outside working. And get your phone ready to text or call. 

You can either pick up the newspapers or you can see many of them online. There are also groups too like ebates, groupons, etc.. that may have local contests I even saw a few giveaways on craiglist! 

Make note of furniture stores- which are famous for give-a -ways. Watch the small businesses and restaurants which constantly have something going a few times a year. 

Summer is right around the corner, which means,  there are events - car shows, fairs, and even home party lines go into stores like Fashion Bugs and grocery stores, etc.. and let you spin the wheel or put your name in a hat! 

Make up a handy list so that next year you will be able to just pull this out of a file - each year add to your list of hunting so you will know where to find these sweepstakes and after awhile you will find yourself dashing off to pick up the kids or one the way home from the grocery store and drop off a ballot or two.

Train your eyes to look for the ballot boxes, etc.. - Make up some index cards, etc.. ahead of time in case they have unlimited entry so you can "STUFF" the ballot box and you will have a  have a higher chance of winning. Many people stuff the ballot boxes with 50-100 entries - you can soak your paper in water so it is stiffer and easier to pull, decorate it, or put it on colored paper.  It is always better to be prepared than to try to react to the sweepstakes around you! If you go to a fair or your state fair fill your purse with your entries  so you aren't standing there writing for a hour having your friends ditching you and spending all day trying to find them - OR worse having that nagging feeling you didn't enter for that car you just knew had your name on it LOL! 

Open your mouth! Tell everyone you know you are the Sweepstake lady in your area.. you don't want to be a sweepstakes lady you want to be THE SWEEPSTAKES LADY.. the more you "advertise yourself.. the more people will TELL YOU about a sweepstakes Believe it or not your true friends want to help you win! With facebook, etc.. it is easy for people to message you. ASK your friends to do this! Don't be shy! Many of your friends could care less about sweepstakes but they love you !
With all these tips..  before long you will be able to have a nice big fat list of sweepstakes in your area and enjoy movies, nights out and some cool prizes. Happy Winning!!! Here are a few to get you started ;) 

Easy Click- Just click on the prizes you want to win

For more sweepstakes check out my blog

Please feel free to share this info with your friends family and other sweeping friends :) 

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Sweepstakes & cats

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Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Perfect gift for the Holidays.. Amore di Mona Chocolate!

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Everyone that knows me well, knows that I absolutely LOVE CHOCOLATE. Amore Di Mona has beautiful chocolates all wrapped up like a present that are perfect for Holiday giving. I have tasted a lot of chocolates in my time and the first thing I noticed about Amore di Mona’s chocolates was the freshness. They are simply divine! I also loved that they were DARK Chocolate which is really good for you too! This is the absolutely best gift you can give that special someone, or to that person that is hard to buy for.. Men love Chocolates too. Coming from the business world - These chocolates are also a “remember me “ gift to give to all your clients! They taste and look professional. I did receive my product for review purposes and no monies were exchanged.
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Wednesday, November 8, 2017


I got on the free train a long time ago. I love freebies sometimes I even have little bins with samples for face creams, shampoo samples , and other products in my pantry to give me the opportunity to try before I buy. This is a wonderful skill to teach your children too and to start in your home! It is well worth your time to learn how to get freebies in your family. In hard times it's great and in good times it is great! To get started I suggest googling all the free sites and putting them in a notebook and checking the sites daily to see what is available :)


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For more freebies go to click here!

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